Person at exhibit in the National Gallery of Ireland
One of the exhibits at the National Gallery of Ireland Taken by Savannah Pearson (2015)

My Vision

I am diving into the world of freelance writing with a solid background in science and academia. I dream of using my acquired skills to take myself to new heights while still focusing on my passion to write!

Savannah's Story

Growing up in New Jersey was a blessing beyond compare. Not only did I have the privilege to come from a multi-cultural household, but I was always immersed in a plethora of cultures while attending school and my church. Being surrounded by professionals in differing industries let me know that at a young age, my future career did not need to be mind-numbing.

At age four, I began writing poems, stories, and even plays (that I would rehearse and put on for my parents). As an only child, writing became a healthy outlet for my budding imagination. Soon, casts of new characters from new stories were constantly being developed and thrown into crazy plotlines. My parents took notice that writing was not going to be just a phase and that's where the next chapter starts...